Liana Sterling

Essential reading.
By Liana Sterling. Former student. Senior Analyst. New York City Office of Management and Budget.

This is a formidable and nuanced work that offers careful insight into the minds of a teacher and a student, whose dialogue over a series of letters offers a relationship model of what could, and arguably should be, the basis of a liberal education today.

The careful crafting of this relationship that evolves over the course of a traditional school year is thought-provoking, compelling and at times therapeutic, as McClintock offers a kind of comfort to the complex questions that adolescents, educators — all of us — face, which ultimately propel us forward in developing our authentic selves.

This is a book that will motivate, from a professor who served as an inspiration for students, young and old, year after year.

To Purchase

Online booksellers carry LettersAmazon, Barnes & Noble, Tower Books — and your favorite bookstore can order it for you — Letters of Recommendation by Maxine McClintock is published in The Reflective Commons (New York: Collaboratory for Liberal Learning, 2013). ISBN 978-1-937828-004, $24.95.

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