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Put this book in the hands of YOUR “Emilia”!
By Ronald Gross on March 4, 2014

You already know a lot about this book from the other superb reviews posted here, so I just want to make a pitch I haven’t noted specifically in reviewing them: Please consider getting this book into the hands of a young person you care about, who is finishing high school or starting college.

The author has unparalleled perceptiveness, empathy, and deep concern for the existential (yes, that’s the right word) challenge facing such young persons.

And she knows how to help!

Oh — just one other thing. Before you put the book out there, read it yourself. The drama of self-formation which it portrays — and to which it invites us — has its counterpart at later life stages. It’s never too late to serve as your own midwife, bringing to birth the renewed and more authentic person you need to be NOW.

Ron Gross
Author, The Lifelong Learner and other books.

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