An education, in letters.
From THE COMMONS, Kettering Foundation, November 6, 2013, p. 6.

Letters of Recommendation is a novel by … Maxine McClintock, who uses her experiences as an educator as the grist for what is actually a subtle pedagogical dialogue in the form of a collection of fictional letters between a student and an admired teacher.

Letters tells the story of a student, Emilia, who has asked her teacher, Doc, for a letter of recommendation as part of her early application to Harvard. When Emilia begins to experience doubts about the educational path on which she is embarking, a correspondence begins between student and teacher exploring the differences between schooling and achieving an education, between knowledge as a means and knowledge as an end, between success and fulfillment, and the relation of the ideal, the real, and. the actual.

Maxine McClintock has taught history to students in public and private high schools and college for 32 years, most recently from 1990 to 2006 to juniors and seniors at the Trinity School in New York City. Letters of Recommendation is her first novel.

To Purchase

Online booksellers carry LettersAmazon, Barnes & Noble, Tower Books — and your favorite bookstore can order it for you — Letters of Recommendation by Maxine McClintock is published in The Reflective Commons (New York: Collaboratory for Liberal Learning, 2013). ISBN 978-1-937828-004, $24.95.

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