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A rich look into a formative time in a young adult’s life.
By Lover of learning. Former student.

At first I was afraid my positive reaction to this work was that it resonated so much with me. I am a former student of the author’s and the similarities in the school’s made the reading easy, almost familiar.

However I realized quickly that this is not a piece simply about one school or being the student of one teacher. You get a real sense of what it’s like inside Emilia’s head as she goes through the formative high school years. Moreover, you see very quickly how powerful the relationship between student and a dedicated teacher can be.

The epistolary form is rarer these days but it’s the ideal format to display the conversation. Think about how a student will receive written feedback from his or her homework assignments on a daily or weekly basis and how similar this is to the epistolary form that Letters of Recommendation takes. It’s wonderful to see such creative thinking in a structured format.

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Online booksellers carry LettersAmazon, Barnes & Noble, Tower Books — and your favorite bookstore can order it for you — Letters of Recommendation by Maxine McClintock is published in The Reflective Commons (New York: Collaboratory for Liberal Learning, 2013). ISBN 978-1-937828-004, $24.95.

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